The Old Goat and the DARKHORSE!


Check out these bets lines and props that you should already have bet on! Plus some history on the Darkhorse.

Hello Jackalorians! The origin story of the DARKHORSE (DH) is shrouded in mystery. Some say he is more then a man and less then a god. Others say he can do full side splits, which rumor has it was done to perfection in a Coyote Ugly Bar in OKC and inspired the movie.
While yet others say the only thing that the DH loves more then winning is his family! I am not the DH, nor will I take the credit for the predictions made.

Here is what the DARKHORSE neighed to me last night!

If you don’t think the Heat and the Lakers are going to the finals. You should stop betting on the Playoffs right now.
Bet all day on the overs in Football. With NO fans in the stand there is a huge advantage to the offenses in the league.


Raiders over 5.5 wins for the season.
Steelers over 9.5 wins for the season.
Jaguars under 8.5 wins for the season.
Browns under 8.5 wins for the season.

After the advice was given a lighting bolt struck the ground and he was gone… I hope I see you again DARKHORSE…

Once the smoke had cleared from where the DH stood. Appeared an OLD GOAT (OG) long in the tooth and the beard. He begins to talk… this is what he said.

The Goat’s beard is Glorious!

The GOAT may be gone from NE, but trust this OLD GOAT and Pick the RAIDERS on the $ Line!

As the OLD GOAT smiled at me with sadness in his good eye he said this. RIP Gale Sayers… Pick CHI on the $ line!

The OG recalled a man he once met in Pittsburgh. Italian and had a long hair and a tan. A Man among boys… with fondness the OG said… Stillers to cover.

The OLD GOAT proceeds to eat some grass, stops and says this to me…
NYG on the $ line.
CIN on the Cover
Redskins to Cover (OG is Old School)
ARI on the OVER
PACK on the $ line
KC vs BAL is a coin flip. BAL has not beat the Chiefs with Jackson at QB.

The Longshot from the OG
$5 on the NYJ on the $ line.

I don’t quite understand how the OLD GOAT knows about line betting… but potentially for our benefit I chose to take the advice and run.

JACK’s Parlay!

Green Bay on the $ Line
CIN to Cover
CHI to Cover
LV to Cover
WASH on the $ Line.

Put $20 on it and message me when you win!

If you have enjoyed this post, there could possibly be more adventures of the DH and the OG in future if you like what you have read. Let me know if any of their help has helped you win your weekly bets!

Thank you all for the views!