LAST DraftKings action for the NBA this season!


LAST DraftKings action for the NBA this season! Get in while you can… oh yeah FU Khris Davis!

Hi Jackvengers! The bubble will soon be in the rear view mirror and this bubble will be replaced with cold weather and college football and pumpkin spice products. Quick! Get these picks in before we cant order S’more flavored ice cream treats! Lets get into some DraftKings basketball.

Here is my Series Line up. ($1.00)
Captain (1.5X)- Anthony Davis- Bron basically said he is going to try to get Davis the FINALS MVP and is already predicting that big man will win. Who am I to argue with that…
UTIL- J. Crowder – Super Utility, has the potential to be in the middle of a lot of plays.
UTIL- T. Herro – Kids on Fire! Give the rook a shot!
UTIL- I. Iguodala – Playoff experience! This is the time where a guy like Iggy shines.
UTIL- L. James – I mean who didn’t play him?
UTIL- MYSTERY – Once the Finals are over, I will announce my results and see if I am a DK Stud or dud.


ALT Series Line up. (Free) Which i havent decided which one i like better…
COL. (1.5X)- Jimmy Butler, if the Heat have a shot at winning the championship it goes through Jimmy.
UTIL- A. Davis- see above
UTIL- L. James- see above
UTIL- K. Kuzma- if the Lakers are the Vegas favorites RN, then guys like Kuzma will be getting points… right?
UTIL- R. Rondo- Playoff Rondo is a thing like gravity and friend zones.
UTIL- MYSTERY- see above. 🙂


Game 1 Ticket ($1.00)
Captain (1.5X)- Jimmy Butler- Will you be surprised if the HEAT shock the world and win game 1?
UTIL- A. Davis- Riding with him
UTIL- A. Iguadala- Inexpensive
UTIL- L. James- Expensive
UTIL- K. Olynyk- Can he stop Davis? lol, Predicting foul trouble for Bam and BAM Olynyk is in the game!
UTIL- R. Rondo- No for real Playoff Rondo, he can make 3’s now!


I am going to try to do some $0.25 games for baseball with DraftKings.

Just thought I would mention it. I have a feeling it is going to go bad. Do people like baseball? Without going to the actual game? So I once heckled Khris Davis… It was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh PA and I happened to have about 4 drinks before a day game on the weekend. I was sitting in the left field bleacher metal stands. It started as my standard uncontrollable volume control and loud mouth breathing mixed which alcohol does not make any sexier or less annoying. After a nostalgic story about Eric Davis from the Cincinnati Reds conclude it was then I noticed that he spells his first name Khris.
Be honest with ole’ Jack, its truly the dumbest way to spell Chris right?? I regress, I begin to say louder and louder Khhhrrisss KKKKhrrrrisssz KKKKKKhhhhrrrriiiiSSSSSS!!!

This wasnt exceptionally funny by any means, in the same way the Buccos weren’t especially good. Before i had knew it the left field bleachers were laughing hysterically, come to be reminded later by a homie of mine, that I had been saying Khris now for 4 innings straight before I got him to look up! It was a prime example of when a low drinking tolerance meets 95 degrees and no plan!
He left the Milwaukee Brewers to sign with the Athletics and became the home run leader in 2018. It took him a few years to shake off the heckle of the a lifetime! Hopefully you get three things from that story.
1st- Fuck Khris Davis!
2nd- Khris and I both persevered through our own self-doubt to shine at the highest level, on the biggest stage!
3rd- I take full credit for his success in 2018, 2019?? On your own their KHHHRRISS
Let me leave you with this…
Watchout on any THUR-MON/SUN Line Ups this week for the NFL on Draft Kings. The Steelers vs Titans Game has officially been rescheduled to Monday or Tuesday, with no exact date or time released. I’d stay away from it this week. In the event the game gets cancelled. Fantasy Line-ups are not exempt from this mess. If you can avoid it, I would… like covid.

Thanks for checking out my DraftKings post. Comment below, let me hear about your favorite heckle, that you’ve done, seen or read about.