Swing Volume 3 from Top Cow Productions


Swing is a tale of a couple as they improve their romance by exploring their sexuality through swinging.

The third volume of Swing is finally here and Top Cow Productions proves that they are willing to take a risque topic and strip it of the social taboos around it. When I read the first volume I thought this would be a tale I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of swinging. I’d heard of it but it seemed alien to me. The second volume made the concepts make more sense.

With the third volume officially available I find myself no longer confused about the subject and able to enjoy the story for what it is at it’s heart- a love story. It’s an unorthodox love story but still a love story. I’ve always been a fan of a good love story but typically want it to be intertwined with action, adventure and some comedic moments. In terms of action the story lacks quite a bit except a little when Dan joins in a raid on his favorite MMORPG with the other characters from the Sunstone universe. The whole lifestyle is it’s own adventure for both Dan and Cathy, just not one I’m interested in partaking.

As with everything I’ve read that Matt has penned this book is exceptionally well written and is matched by the great artist Yishan Li. While their journey is not one I would partake in it is written in a way that makes sense for the characters and there remains one constant- trust. Without trust none of it will work for either of them and I love that this is the real focus of the story because I believe that all relationships require trust for them to work. The is of course maintenance that needs to be undergone to help the relationship build the trust but if there is no trust then none of it will work in the end.