Let me show you How I win on DraftKings!

Let me show you How I win on DraftKings!


Hello Kings and Queens! With the start of the NFL Season, also starts the DraftKings Weekly Line-ups hair-pulling decisions. Here is how I will help your pocket and your hairline…

What you need to know about DraftKings;
There are literally 1000’s of possibilities to get a top placing spot with your line ups, as long as you pick the right players at the right cost. So what do I mean? I will show you my picks in a $5 game, which I won $8. (see pic)

What I did Right with DraftKings!
Josh Jacobs- 3 rushing TD’s. Here is what i Know. This guy is the Raiders offense! Currently the WR position for LV is lacking due to injury. 25.44% he wasn’t a surprise for a big output. But inexpensive compared to the points you get in return.
Dallas Goedert- Although I have Ertz in a fantasy league, this DOES NOT limit you to drafting completely different players for DK. He was a 3.64% pick and balled out! This guy is always cheaper then the top 6-8 TE’s. Great value for the price.
Allen Lazard- Another sub 5% drafted player. Another great value to cost. GB and specifically Aaron Rodgers is going to go off this year!

What I did Wrong!
Austin Eckler- 20.62% drafted, so at least it wasn’t just me. Unlike last year wasn’t used in the pass game. Kelley seems to be emerging. Buyer Beware.
Chris Conley- .94%, I knew JAX had the upset potential. I picked the wrong WR. Laviska Shenault JR is going to be my guy moving forward unless his price goes up!

Could Have Would Have Should Have…

Hopefully you all did well on your week 1 DK line ups. Lets look forward…

Here is my $3 line-up for Week 2 on Tuesday, with no injury updates and purely based on strategy and gutz!

Josh Allen- Good match-up. Had a great game week 1. $6,700
Josh Dobbins- If you’ve seen my fantasy football post. You know I am going heavy on Dobbins until someone can stop him. Good match-up. $5,100
Adrian Peterson- Good Price $4,700 Had close to 100 yards rushing GB has a good D, but the with Kenny Clark out and No REAL MLB, their run def needs some work. $4,700
Davante Adams- Destroyed the Vikings Last Week. IDC what he costs $8,100
De’Andre Hopkins- Also Destroyed the defending NFC Champs. IDC what he costs also $7,700
Allen Lazard- Here is where I bring up a little stat everyone playing DK should be aware of. OPRK, if you see this week you will see 31st and Green. That means Detroit has the worst passing yards allowed to receivers in the league. I am riding him like Dobbins until I see that he isn’t worth the price of $5,300.
Dallas Goedert- READ ABOVE- $5,000 that’s a STEAL (Going against a good D) worth the risk.
Isaiah Ford- So I currently have $3,500 in cap left after i have selected my team.
From what i see he is the best option (this may change before Sunday Kick off for now he’s in)
BUF Defense- They are going against the dreadful MIA Dolphins. Bills will probably win the division and have arguably the BEST D in the league. $3,900 not a bad price.

This is my line-up and these are the reasons… I would love to hear some input on your line ups out there you Jackaholics! Shout out some big wins, surprise starts and crazy beats!



I was born in Wisconsin, i can eat cheese like its kale chips. Live in SoCal during the riots and the Northridge earthquake... Graduated High School in Las Cruces NM! All State Defensive End 2001. Pretty good Cheerleader for NMSU! I have been watching sports since before Magic got AIDS and Currently watching Doncic turn the collecting world upside down. My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. I have picked HOF's after watching them in one game IE Ray Lewis, Marshall Faulk, Randy Moss, Isaac Bruce... yeah yall should see how many of his cards I got... I am an open book and hope my honest view on what i see entertains you as i do use comedy as a vessel to deliver my point, so dont get offended. Nerd Credentials... Star Wars 1-9 seen posibly 20+ times. Did it once watching them all back to back. Chronologically... Star Trek I prefer the drama and scowl of Sir Patrick Stewart... so smug, i love him. Comics never owned one. Action figures...i played with my ninja turtles and GI Joe You will learn more about me as you read through my posts. Thank you in advance for your support and follows!

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